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Matching the Right Wine with your Wedding Theme

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Matching the right wine with your wedding theme with many different styles of wines make it the perfect beverage for all manner of special occasions. The wine themed wedding has now become fairly common; with Champagne pretty much always a staple at the event. The choice of wine being served is often dependent on the food that the guests will be dining on at the reception. While white wines are easier to match with a wide variety of foods, red wines is sometimes a better option in certain situations.

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A Rhine Riesling is ordinarily a very nice drink on its own, but it can be very quickly overpowered when paired with a particularly spicy or well-seasoned dish.  On the other hand, a wood matured white wine would be a perfect fit for a spicy pasta dish, with the astringency from the oak cutting through the richness of the meal. If the food served is on the milder side, though, that wine can then become overpowering. The pairing has to be just right so that the guests don’t go home with wine stopper wedding favors that will only serve to remind them of the bad taste the grape left in their mouths.

Rose is a wine that is often somewhat forgotten about, but it may in fact be the wine that goes with just about anything. This is a wine that is definitely best served slightly chilled in order to get the full effect of the flavor pairings. One thing that some couples might decide to do is create custom wine labels that not only give the details of their nuptials, but which also serve as a reminder to the meal and wine pairing that was served.

Waiter Delivering Champagne

While a champagne wedding may sound like a lavish affair, the bubbles can fall flat if the food pairing is not right. The best cheap French wine can taste like the most expensive if it is perfectly paired with the food being served.

If going with several different wines for each course, it’s worth remembering that there is a definite order of progression that comes with serving wine:

  • White wine precedes red
  • Young before old
  • Dry is served before sweet

Where things can become a little tricky for those that aren’t necessarily wine connoisseurs is when different varietal styles of a similar age are used.  If in doubt, let the food be the guide of which wine fits best. A tasting of each of the wines is recommended, but if that isn’t possible, the color of the wine can help. Generally speaking, the lighter colored wines are the ones that should be served first.

The lighter of the white wines tend to be fresh and aromatic, whereas the darker styles tend to be more full-bodied. That same principle can generally be applied to red wine as well, although that rule of thumb tends to be a little harder to go by, as wines get older.

If your knowledge of the grape only extends as far as knowing the ingredients for mussels in white wine recipe, it might be a good idea to employ the services of someone who can help make your wine themed wedding a total success.

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