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All You Have to Know About Picking Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings represent the commitment, love, fidelity and honor between two people that are getting married and bond to each other for eternity. The ring is a circle and it represents the eternity by having no beginning and no end. Wedding rings can be bought at any jewelry shop and usually there is a large display of rings that you can choose from. If you have an idea, you can order custom-made rings according to your own design.

The rings are usually made of gold and they come in three colors: yellow, rose and white. You can also choose how many carats you want the rings to be (from 9 to 24 carats). Take into consideration that you will wear the rings your whole life and it is best to choose more carat gold because the lower the carat the harder the gold. Given the times have changed; the metal from which the rings can be made of has changed as well. People choose other metals like titanium or platinum. Titanium is not a great choice, though. The problem is losing the shine after a certain time. After only a year, the ring will have lost the shine and you will be very disappointed. Another popular choice is tungsten. If you decide to make the rings from this metal make sure that, the tungsten contains the chemical carbide. The chemical carbide is what will make the ring stay scratch resistant and shiny for an eternity. The second thing you should consider before ordering the tungsten rings is that some people may be allergic to the cobalt that is in the metal and that disables them to wear the ring, which is the point exactly. A metal that is popular and heavier than gold is platinum. This option is for people who prefer white gold. This metal cannot be scratched or tarnished and doesn’t need to be plated in rhodium in order to keep the shine like white gold rings need. The fact that the platinum does not need to be plated in rhodium makes it wanted more by people and more expensive.

No matter the design and the metal before ordering the rings, every couple has to go for finger measuring. Finger measurements are taken by the jeweler. With these measurements, the couple can be certain that the ring will fit and be comfortable. You can buy rings at a jewelry shop or online. The choices are limitless. However, you will be calmer if you order the rings from a jewelry shop.

The final thing to do before going into the jewelry store is setting a budget. The budget should be set in an agreement that seems good for the both sides. The preset budget will only narrow down the choice and make things easier. The price of the rings can vary. A platinum ring can be worth $600 or more and a gold wedding ring $150 and up.

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