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Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue for “Morning Lovers”

Brunch Wedding VenueWant to turn the tides from traditional wedding genres? Why not do a morning wedding here at Ashford Oaks- and offer your guests Houston’s BEST Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue? There are so many great reasons to serve a brunch buffet for your wedding food. It’s a great way to stick to your budget wedding, a safe bet for picky eaters, and, hello…who would snub their nose at an all you can eat fully-catered, customizable, breakfast buffet !?And if you don’t think a brunch wedding reception can feel formal or special, we will definitely prove you wrong!

Reasons to Consider Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue

Ashford Oaks provides our clients with the best options when it comes to our catering services for your Houston wedding venue.  If you need to save money or want a budget friendly alternative to producing an all-out expensive evening (formal) wedding reception for your guests, then perhaps you should consider and explore the amazing benefits that you can reap when choosing an Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue for your wedding reception.

#1 Reason to Choose Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue: Unique touch to your wedding:

Not all people are alike, and that is why on your special day- you should call the shots. If you like to stand out, and want to permeate your own personal touch to your wedding, then choosing a morning reception and a brunch for your guests could be just what personifies your uniqueness. Besides, morning weddings are in this year.

#2 Reason to Choose Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue: Party all day and night:

Provide your guests with satiation after you wedding ceremony with a delicious breakfast buffet and let them know and see that you love mornings (fresh start, full belly, and a grand celebration and presentation to your new beginning. And.. have the added perk of timely managing a full agenda for your guests to enjoy. Rock out the night, and spare your time all day by starting early!

#3 Reason to Choose Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue: Breakfast food what?:

A brunch wedding reception is ideal for most picky and choosy wedding guests. There is always a breakfast food that someone adores, whether it be waffles or just eggs- picky eaters can always find delight in breakfast. Even if they are vegan, love sweets, or hate eggs, breakfast food, a brunch reception can provide them with a full array of options of  food to satiate their hunger. Just think- throughout the most memorable times of your wedding reception- your guests wont be starving.

#4 Reason to Choose Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue: $$$$Mucho Savings & Budget Friendly:

If you are wanting to skip the formalities of a late afternoon or formal evening venue for your wedding reception, then a brunch wedding venue is totally ideal in your circumstances. One of the biggest factors of evening wedding vs. early afternoon morning weddings is that of- expense. Consider that a less formal- early afternoon brunch reception will save you tons of money. Skipping the stuffy and stiff standards of an evening venue and hosting a brunch wedding reception will not only cut expenses, but it can serve as a pre-requisite standard to the formality you wish to keep and maintain your wedding at.

If you love mornings, then why not have your memorable wedding at Ashford Oaks and take advantage of what our Brunch wedding venue can provide you with? No one says you have to stick to the usual stero-typical formal evening-time wedding- you can go outside the box and enable us to impress your guests with an Ashford Oaks Brunch Wedding Venue that captures the essence of a fresh new day to celebrate your special occasion.

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